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Do you have questions about our dance classes, events, or want to join our warm community? We're here to help! Whether you're looking to explore Charleston, Lindy Hop, or any other Swing dance style from the 20s to 50s, our team of experts in Montreal is ready to welcome you.


Opening hours

Customer service

We answer by email or phone

Monday - Friday : 9 AM - 6 PM

Samedi : by reservation

Dimanche : by reservation

Studio opening

Want to move and see us? Our studio is open

Monday - Thursday : 6 PM - 10 PM

Friday : 6 PM - 8:30 PM
Samedi : by reservation

Dimanche : by reservation


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Thank you for your inquiry.

How to Find Us?

Our main studio is located at 7243 St-Hubert Street in Montreal, easily accessible by public transportation with ample parking options nearby.

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